Our projects

Welding and assembly, DN700 pipeline between Gustorzyn and Odolanów


Welding and assembly works, construction of fuel tanks


Welding and assembly works, underground gas storage tanks, Kosakowo


Welding and assembly works, combined heat and power station, Sowia Góra


Welding and assembly works, fuel pipeline for LMG, Sowia Góra


Construction of DN 300 pipeline between Brodnica-Nowe Miasto Lubawskie


Encasing DN800 and DN500 ‘Friendship’ pipelines with two section casing pipes DN1200

Reduction of high pressure DN100 oil pipeline foundation height, Odboczka - Syców

Construction of DN300 MOP 6.3 MPA pipeline for control and metering station, Gorzów Wielkopolski

Retrofitting low pressure pipeline, Poznań, Rondo Kaponiera, Uniwersytecki bridge

Removing water trap, DN100 pipeline, Wągrowiec branch, Czekanów and Cieśle, removing pipeline connectors, Pruśce

Construction of high pressure DN200 pipeline, Sopieszyno - Lębork

Reconstruction of gas supply network: “Construction of Jarocin by-pass, S11 road”

Welding works: “Construction of Inowrocław by-pass DK 15 and DK25 route STAGE I DK15 to DK25”